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I’m Tavis Taylor your business strategist and consultant. I help global leaders and trendsetters gain clarity and confidence in their call through practical, prophetic, and administrative insight allowing them to tap into their genius by certifying them as life coaches, providing group coaching opportunities, and even one-on-one sessions. 

Tavis C. Taylor has been a successful administrative entrepreneur for over 25 years. Utilizing her administrative skills and warfare prayer tactics, she has been able to assist clients with receiving over 35 million dollars in loans and acquisitions.

I am the Ultimate Purpose Pusher so you can be The Elite or The Underdog, after working with me you will have clarity and be pushed into purpose. 

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Goal GetHer Mentorship Program

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Goal GetHer Mentorship Program

Tavis Taylor
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Are you a "Goal GetHER" trailblazer who needs community and accountability? Are you tired of being stuck or getting so far and stopping? Perhaps you just need someone who can help take YOU to another level.

The "Goal GetHer" Mentoring Group is for those who are interested in moving forward in life with Dr. Tavis.

This 8-week mentorship program will help you:

Set Your Quarter 1 Goals

Prioritize your Quarter 1 Goals

Reset Your Mind (Mindset Work)

Silence Your Inner Critic Resolution

Reconnect to Who you Really Are

Registration Includes:

8 Sessions with Dr. Tavis C. Taylor

Weekly Homework

Accountability Partner

Pre-recorded Bonus Videos

Community with Like-Minded Women Who are Trailblazers

Sessions will be a combination of Zoom and Conference Calls

Bonus Work:

This training system is complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each meeting, as well as exercise worksheets to help you define your plan, so let me introduce you to “From Dream to Do to Done”.

 Save yourself time by following along in this easy, course and simply taking the business-building action steps.

 This quick and easy course will guide you in creating your personal and professional action plan, making sure your present and future match up and come to pass, identifying what’s missing, and how to make sure your business keeps running and growing even when life throws you a curveball, learning to be flexible while still sticking to your goals and much, much more.

We’ll cover concrete topics you can act on such as goals and accountability, outsourcing and systems, as well as the effective, time-saving, and top-quality way to create passive income.

Here’s what you’ll learn to leverage with each module:

Module 1: Building the Business of Your Dreams

Learning Objectives: How to actually use your dreams to inspire your everyday business actions—and vice versa

o   How to get specific when building your business dream plan

o   Making sure your business vision and model match your dreams

o   Deciding what impact you want your business footprint to have

o   Making sure you have the tools and information to make informed financial decisions for your business

o   How to make sure your business never goes down when you do

o   Setting up tracking—and using it as a positive goal driver

Module 2: DREAM BIGGER: What do You REALLY Want out of Your Life?

Learning Objectives: Take your dreams from what you think you deserve now to identify what you really want

o   Factoring enjoyable accountability into measurable, achievable goals

o   Making sure your present and future actually match

o   Making sure your business runs even when you are out for the count

o   Possibilities you never dreamed of—and how to make them achievable

o   Why reaching short and long term goals is good for your business, good for your relationships—and good for your health

o   How to make business and life work together this time

Module 3: Turn Those Dreams into Goals

Learning Objectives: Make a concrete plan so you can take action on this right away

 o   What has to happen to make those dreams actually come true?

o   The foolproof way to meet your milestones and deadlines

o   Flexibility and goal setting—how to make these work

o   How to deal with change and expansion without losing your mind

o   Outsourcing and systems—how to know what you need and make it work

 Module 4: Make It Happen

Learning Objectives: Make sure your latest attempt at going for the big time actually happens, this time

o   How to stop playing small with passive income before you start to create it

o   Identifying roadblocks and pitfalls—and setting up systems to defuse them

o   The difference between “working on it” and getting paid!

o   Staying focused—where to find stimulation and inspiration

o   Dealing with distraction—without getting distracted

If you are ready to learn how to.…

  •  Identify what’s holding you back
  • Step up every aspect of your business
  • Set killer goals that excite you—ones you believe you can achieve
  • Put the fun back into your business and life vision
  • Attract a bigger audience than ever before—and help them through passive income
  • Use outsourcing and passive income effectively to increase your income and reach


This group is for you.


*Non- Refundable

January 18, 2023

Initial Meeting on Zoom

Bi-Weekly Group Accountability Calls

Weekly Homework

Pop-up Working Sessions

Last Meeting on Zoom

This membership will automatically end after 3 months.
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