Manifestation Workshop

Tavis Taylor
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Are You Ready to Create Your Vision?

Manifesting our dreams begins with shifting our mindset and reprogramming our subconscious to believe that we can achieve our deepest desires.

If you like setting New Goals and are ready to put your plans into action, this is the perfect workshop for you!

In this workshop, we’ll be discussing how to better manifest your goals and desires by utilizing tools such as visualization, meditation, and writing! You’ll learn how to align your thoughts with your actions to manifest more in your life so that you are truly able to live In Your Vision.

Through the use of visualization, meditation, and writing techniques, this workshop will teach you how to:

  • Develop razor-sharp focus on getting the things you desire
  • Move beyond creating a vision board and learn how to heal and let go
  • Release the conditioned responses that keep you repeating the same situations over and over again
  • Create & maintain the energy that brings forth your greatest potential to create more

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Manifestation Workshop

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